We strive to give our customers the very best service, and thus we always answer all your incoming questions (please contact us by e-mail). Under normal circumstances (i.e. no hurricanes and so on) we answer your questions within 24 hours. Specific questions about actions or presets are answered by the person who created that actual action or preset.

Certain questions are of relevance to others and will be posted below.

QUESTION: I did not recieve the the download link. How do I get the products I have paid for?
ANSWER: This unfortunate situation has arisen from technical problems with the webshop system. We will, immediately, send all the products directly to you by e-mail.

QUESTION: Download link doesn’t work. How can I download the products?
ANSWER: The download link can be used 2 times. After that, it gets inactive. Send us a message with your order information and we will send all your products directly to you by e-mail.

QUESTION: I downloaded my products, but when I try to install them, I get the following error message: “Error importing. The preset file was the wrong type of preset.” What is wrong?
ANSWER: All products are compressed as zip files. Before installing the actual action and preset bundles, you need to open each downloaded zip-file. Most modern operating systems do this automatically, but further information can be found here. When you have opened the zip folders, you need to extract the content before installing them (often you can do that by simply copying all files to a new folder on your Desktop or choosing Extract from the menu). If this does not solve your problem, please contact us again, and we will guide you through the process.

QUESTION: How do I install the actions?
ANSWER: In all OS, you need to open the zip file that you downloaded from our webshop (most modern OS does this automatically) in order to see the actions (they are .atn files). Copy the content to a folder on you desktop (or anywhere else where you’d like to save them). And simply open the action from within Photoshop. It is then installed in Photoshop. There are quite a lot of tutorials on Youtube that you can watch. It is a good way to learn all aspects of using actions in Photoshop.

QUESTION: How do I install the Powder Room brushes?
ANSWER: There are several good tutorials out there which demonstrate how to install brushes in Lightroom. For instance, have a look at this one. Otherwise, just search for “how to load lightroom brushes” on Google, and you will find a lot of useful information. There are some videos on Youtube as well about the fundamentals of Lightroom.

QUESTION: Do your Lustrous Retouch for Photoshop actions work with Photoshop CS6 and Photshop CC?
ANSWER: Yes, the Lustrous Retouch set works perfectly with both Photoshop CS5, CS6 and CC.

QUESTION: I just wanted to check if the Lustrous Retouch and Editorial Collection can be used with Photoshop Elements 12?
ANSWER: Unfortunately most of the actions in these sets are incompatible with Photoshop Elements. This is due to the fact that Photoshop has a lot of features that are not included in Elements.

QUESTION: I recently downloaded the actions. Is there any manual for using them correctly?
ANSWER: There’s no real manual – simply select an action, press play, and the pop-up will tell you what to do. If there’s not a pop-up, like say with the eyeshadows, lipstick, etc., just use a brush and paint on. Make sure you have the right layer selected. Adjust opacity on layers to your liking. That’s pretty much it.

QUESTION: How do I use the shine action?
ANSWER: Play, and press ok. Usually the setting is just right. Then, when you get the Shine layer – adjust opacity or/and use the eraser to remove some. My favorite way to use it, is using a soft eraser at about 20% opacity, and click away til you get soft edges around the highlights. That’s really how i meant for it to be used. That way you can easily create highlights, and where they should be. The action senses where the light is coming from. So if you do it that way, I’m positive you’ll love the results. Again – if there’s too much shine, just lower the layer opacity. I hope this helped.

QUESTION: I can not use the action perfect skin foundation. You do not have a tutorial that teaches?
ANSWER: To use the Foundation action – just play it, and follow the onscreen instructions. The action is used by using the paintbrush. Simply paint it on the skin. Should you have any other questions, please let us know.

QUESTION: How does the Perfect Foundation Action work? How can I paint with White Brush in a White Mask?
ANSWER: After the action message pops up, click continue. Then simply paint on the face with a white brush. On the layer mask that will be automatically selected, “naturally perfect skin”. If you feel the result is “too smooth”, you can lower the opacity on that layer, or – select the layer called “bring back texture”, and then paint with a black brush on the areas of skin where you want to bring texture back again. That’s it!

QUESTION: I can not use the action perfect skin foundation. You do not have a tutorial that teaches?
ANSWER: To use the Foundation action – just play it, and follow the onscreen instructions. The action is used by using the paintbrush. Simply paint it on the skin. Should you have any other questions, please let us know.

QUESTION: When using you tools, sometimes it pops up a message like “Surface blur is not available at the moment” or “The mode is not avalable”. My question is if there is any specific method of fine tuning the actions? or should they run correctly right away after beeing installed?
ANSWER: The actions should run correctly right away. Sometimes you need to change the initial background to a layer (name it background) in order to avoid a message saying something like “Missing layer background”. But even if that kind of messages shows up, just click “Continue” (and ignore the message). The action works anyway and creates the layers you need.

QUESTION: In order to maintain skin and make it more soft and smooth, are there only two dedicated actions like “Matte Powder” and the “Perfect skin Foundation” for accomplishing this task?
ANSWER: Have you tried Wrinkle Eraser and Midtone Booster? If you use the wrinkle eraser in combination with Perfect Skin Foundation, I think you’ll get a great result.

QUESTION: Prior to using Perfect Skin Foundation (for smoothing skin) should I always merge all the layers to one (Background) layer so that action could start from the Background layer in order to work correctly?
ANSWER: I always flatten the layers (you can make a copy of the layers first) before using this action, but you might want to come up with new ways of using it. Experiment with it!

QUESTION: I am specifically interested in the tone quality of the face. It starts out “normal skin color” but I noticed the face displayed has more of a tan look to it. I did watch a high end retouching video on youtube featuring this very photo, and I noticed he adjusted some curves – but do your actions actually do this for me? If so, specifically what action is it that does this?
ANSWER: Try the Natural Tanner action. I also recommend you experiment your way forward with both curves and actions. I takes some time to get to know the actions. I good way to to train and learn the actions is to simply try them out, one by one … just a suggestion!

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