Since 2011, Lustrous Presets have brought you the best retouching tools for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Our presets and actions are very popular, and we use them on a daily basis in our own work.

Running this webshop was previously our main source of income, and our prices were in the same range as our competitors (i.e. around $79).

But to be honest, we are fighting against illegal downloading and other types of sharing. When you buy actions or presets they are supposed to be installed on your own computer (not forwarded to friends and collegues).

So, we have decided to lower all prices! Why? Because we want to HELP. And because we want people to PAY for our products (and get a clear conscience).

All bundles now cost ONLY $19, and we hope that this can help both professionals and people who want to learn more about various retouching techniques.

Please visit The webshop to see that this is not a joke!

And … you’re welcome!

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