New in! The Light Flare Collection

Brand new set out just in time for your summer photos!

The Light Flare Collection™ is a set of Photoshop actions created specifically to provide your images with light. Lots of light, a little light, light streaks and rays, light hazes – any light. The set contains 10 different light flare effects – infinitely customizable and combinable. Build them on top of each other, place them where you like, have them as bright as you like. The possibilities are endless!

This set contains:

Hazy Flare
Heat Flare
Sunny Flare
Light Rays
White lights
White Haze

39$ – GET IT HERE!

Light Flare Preview

Light Flare Preview

39$ – GET IT HERE!

Freebie: Sparkly Eyes action!

Here’s a freebie for everyone to try out! It’s the Sparkly Eyes™ action from the Lustrous Retouch™ set. Use this action on eyes to pull out detail, color and add contrast and sparkle instantly to the iris. We use this action all the time, it’s one of our very favorites. Sometimes we’ll also use it on jewelry, lips and clothes to bring out detail and pop – try it! It’s like 10 actions in 1, really.

Hope you enjoy – and check out the Lustrous Retouch™ collection after you’ve tried it out!

Sparkly Eyes
Get the freebie Sparkly Eyes™ here!

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