The Light Flare Collection™ is a set of Photoshop actions created specifically to provide your images with light. Lots of light, a little light, light streaks and rays, light hazes – any light. The set contains 10 different light flare effects – infinitely customizable and combinable. Build them on top of each other, place them where you like, have them as bright as you like. The possibilities are endless!

Light Flare Collection™ contains:
Hazy Flare
Heat Flare
Sunny Flare
Light Rays
White lights
White Haze

We guarantee functioning products, according to our Return and refund policy.

Louise I. L
This is a great help! I've always wondered how to add realistic sunlight to a photo. Now I have the tool. Thanks!
Miss Z
I tested your freebie, and it convinced me to buy your entire collection. There you go!

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